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Policies & FAQs


Some of our commonly asked questions are listed below.

If you have a ticketing question or your question isn’t listed below please don’t hesitate to email Melissa Owlett at [email protected]

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Q1  May I volunteer at an event?

Answer Absolutely! We’d love to get to know you and serve with you. Please go to our volunteer page and fill out the form to learn of available positions and details.


Q2  How can I get printed posters/flyers for an event?

Answer  On each event page at the bottom will be a pdf file as the poster comes available. Simply download and print it out. If you would like a few (based on availability) email Melissa Owlett at [email protected] be sure to include your name and street mailing address.


Q3  How does my organization become a sponsor for an event?

Answer Contact Melissa Owlett at [email protected] for all the details.


Q4  How can I help support the mission of New Creation Events?

Answer   We would be very grateful for your prayers as we seek to bring Glory to God and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our specific prayer is for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as we seek to follow God and serve the body of Christ.

Q5  Is there a way I can share one of your events with my friends & family?

Answer  On the top of the event page there will be a share button. Click on it and share to your social media page.


Q6  How will I know when a new event is listed?

Answer  Simply sign up for an email message on our site to stay in the loop for upcoming events.


Q7  How can a radio station sponsor an event?

Answer Contact Melissa Owlett  at [email protected] to get more information.


Q8  How can I request New Creation Events to bring in my favorite artist or speaker?

Answer So easy, just sent us a note through our contact page!  Also, reach out to your artist and speaker and let them know you want to see them in your area.


Q9  Do you have website banners or social media banners that I can share?

Answer As they come available for a show they will be at the bottom of the event page. Just copy the URL-Code and place it on your own social media page or website.

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